Sustaining the Breastfeeding of a Child as we celebrate World Breastfeeding Week 2017


Breast Milk is food for life for all babies, every child needs it, that’s why as a mother, it’s your due responsibility to make sure that you look after that baby and keep them breastfed the whole time.

With the dynamics of the working environments and the pressures mothers go through, it has become practically difficult for mother to breastfeed their children on time and offer adequate time for their children. Most of the working class mothers leave home early in the morning only to return home later in the evening when the baby has not got a chance to get the natural nutrients and all the food values from the mother. This has led to babies being introduced to bottled milk only after 3 months and yet the recommendable time is 6 months at least.

Countries like South Sudan that has had far devastating effects of war in the communities; children have been greatly affected since there is no proper food for the mothers to feed on and eventually to feed the children who end up being malnourished. According to UNICEF, Nearly half of all deaths in children under 5 are attributable to under nutrition. This translates into the unnecessary loss of about 3 million young lives a year. Under nutrition puts children at greater risk of dying from common infections, increases the frequency and severity of such infections, and contributes to delayed recovery. In addition, the interaction between under nutrition and infection can create a potentially lethal cycle of worsening illness and deteriorating nutritional status. Poor nutrition in the first 1,000 days of a child’s life can also lead to stunted growth, which is irreversible and associated with impaired cognitive ability and reduced school and work performance.

In an attempt to take the campaign to a whole new level, Hold the Child a National Non-governmental Organization through its Community and Child Health program held a talk show at Radio Miraya with the program’s Team leader and the children in a Talk show dubbed Kids Express Program to discuss how best mothers can raise their children in a proper way.

Hold the Child believes in the survival of the children amidst scarce resources to meet the needs of the communities they are serving. Through our program of Community and Child Health, we have been able to reach out to the greater Jonglei and other states to provided nutrional services to supplement and curb down on the maternal mortality rate that has been so high specifically in South Sudan.

The question that we should all be pondering at is, as stake holders are we giving conducive environments to the mothers to properly up bring their children?

#WBW2017 will call on advocates and activists, decision-makers and celebrants to forge new and purposeful partnerships. Together, let’s attract political support, media attention, participation of young people and widen our pool of celebrants and supporters. Only then can we campaign for a generation and commit to achieving the SDGs by 2030


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